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How To Install WordPress Using Cpanel

This video tutorial will cover everything you need to know when installing WordPress on your Cpanel hosting server. The hosting server used in this video is Cpanel which in my opinion is the best hosting platform for use with WordPress.


How To Manually Install WordPress Using FTP

This is the next video in our learn WordPress series where we show you how to manually install WordPress 4.7.4 using an FTP program (Video Version is WP 3.4). Regardless of the current WP version the steps are the same to install on Cpanel.


WordPress SEO Plug-Ins Are Popular, But Are They Safe?

Keep in mind that the more plug-ins you install on a WordPress site, the more likely it is that some of them could be posing security risks and making your website more vulnerable to hackers. Thankfully, there are tutorials for developers to use when building SEO WordPress plugins, so information about how to steer clear of security vulnerabilities is there for anyone who takes time to seek it out.


WordPress Plugins to Make the Most of Your Images

If you take your own photos for your blog, you may have experienced how frustrating it can be to find someone else using your photos without even giving you credit. This plugin takes care of that problem for you. Instead of putting a watermark on every image manually, it automatically places a watermark on all the images on your site without affecting the original image.


4 Reasons Guest Blogging is Worth the Effort

Regardless of how much knowledge and experience you possess, you can’t be recognized as an authority if no one knows about you. The visibility guest blogging offers will give you a way to build a respected brand for your business, and even yourself. Their interest in what you have to offer will lead them to come to your site and blog