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PayPal, How To Protect Login Details

Having a PayPal account is an integral part of having an online business today.

To login to your PayPal account, you have to enter the email address that you registered and your password. You also have the choice of redirecting to your account or to your transactions once you have logged in.


How To Setup A PayPal Account For Your Business

The first step that you have to do to get a PayPal account is to navigate to the site’s signup page. Select your country and your language preference. If your country is not listed in the drop-down menu it is advisable to contact PayPal before going any further as you may not be able to use this service in certain countries. As for Australia there will be no problems.


Advantages of Having a PayPal Account

The first advantage of having a PayPal account is being protected when doing online transactions. PayPal acts as a third party mediator so that you do not necessarily expose too much financial information, like your credit card number or your bank account number, when doing business with a stranger over the internet.


Three Ways To Accept Money With A Paypal Merchant Account

This post is for anyone that has an online business and intends to sell their products and services online. With our previous posts we have covered different aspects of using PayPal for business however, we have not covered the PayPal merchant account and the ways you can receive payments on your website. Adding Buy Now…