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Blurn Digital Marketing Agency

Creating A Marketplace To Deliver Professional Customer Experience Marketing is a very crucial discipline that needs to be incorporated into your business models. The current branch of this subject, which is creating more impact in society is nothing but digital marketing. Though, with years of research and exploration, digital marketing is also evolving to a…


Social Video Starter Guide

The biggest outlets for visual marketing – Youtube, Vimeo, Google Hangouts, Instagram and Vine – are still growing. Visual marketing is being discovered not only by targeted consumers, who spend more time looking at screens than ever before, but also by companies, who have infinite creative freedom to decide how to express their company publicly.


5 Things Your Business Should Be Doing on LinkedIn

One of the most important things a business can do in our social media-heavy world is get positive word of mouth. If you ask your customers to post their honest opinions about your products and services with recommendations on LinkedIn, you’ll be selling yourself to hundreds or even thousands of people without ever spending a dime.


Does your Business Have a Need for Pheed?

Every successful business must be able to differentiate itself from competitors and some believe that Pheed could help accomplish that feat. Consider, for example, that by giving your staff members face time through a live video broadcast or by going on the website yourself you can convey a friendly attitude while casually telling potential customers about why they should choose your business versus another option.