Every business needs to generate leads, this page will help you better understand lead generation and why you need it with any online business.

lead generation benefits to small business

Lead Generation is commonly known as lead-gen. This is a marketing or sales term.

This term basically refers to the generation of prospective customer interest or inquiry into a business product or a business service that the marketing or sales function is targeting to achieve. The lead generation process can be undertaken for a variety of purposes.

How Can This Benefit My Business

These purposes for lead generation can be such as building an email list, acquisition of a newsletter list or even for winning over customers and building trust.

Generally lead generation is a process for signing up of an advertiser or informational offer.

This type of offer may include contact information that can include even the demographic information.

There exist two main types of leads in the process of lead generation. These leads can be marketing leads or sales leads.

Sales leads are produced on the foundation of demographic measure. These demographic criteria include aspects like FICO score, income, age, HHI etc.

The leads that are generated for sales purposes are sold to multiple advertisers. Sales leads are generally followed up through phone calls or emails and can include any other form of communication that the lead prefers or the one that the business prefers.

Sales leads are very commonly found in industries such as mortgage, insurance, loans, credit and finance markets and even MLM.

Marketing leads are brand specific leads that are generated by a unique advertiser or the offer of some specific product or service. As compared to sales leads, marketing leads are sold only once and are not sold again to other businesses. This is because transparency is a major requirement for Lead Generation in the marketing industry.

Due to the limitation of the transparency requirements in the marketing lead generation process, marketing lead campaigns can be optimized by mapping all the leads generated to their sources of origin.

Understanding The Principles

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Lead generation is a generic term used in sales and marketing where prospective clients are mapped to the specific business product or service that they are looking for. The process followed for lead generation has to be entirely decided by the customer or the buyer. The key to lead generation process in the case of complex business products or customer base is to identify first the customers in the market who can have a need for the product or the service you are offering.

This can be followed by educating the customers towards the use of the targeted product or the service. This is very important to be done before deploying an expensive sales force. In the process of lead generation, the limitation of the buyer is the education and awareness towards the potential solutions to their existing problems and in case of the sellers the limitation is upon the qualifications so that the seller can make an impressive presentation in front of the leads generated.

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Lead generation can be an extensive process so it may require patience and determination on your part.

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