Web Hosting: the Myth of Unlimited Space and Usage

Be careful about claims to unlimited bandwidth. This refers to the bytes that transfer from your site to a visitor’s browser when they access your website, or loosely speaking, the term addresses the amount of traffic your pages are getting. In an ideal universe, everyone would have unlimited traffic, but the fact is that your web host has to pay for the bandwidth.

Choosing A Web Host Why Size Matters

There’s an almost infinite number of things you can do with your own site, whether it’s for personal use or for taking your business online. But in order to make the most of this opportunity you’ll need to do some careful advance planning. And when it comes to your advance preparations, in this as in so many other things, size really does matter.

Web Hosting Should You Go Managed or Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

When deciding between these two types of dedicated servers, you need to make an honest assessment both of the technical abilities within your own business and, frankly, how busy you are. If you have a business that’s absolutely booming, you may be able to hire someone to devote themselves to managing your server, and this might still be less expensive than having the web host manage it themselves.