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Everything you need to know about hosting a website. No matter how big or small your online business is we have the right web hosting solution for you.

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Choosing a web hosting company to launch a small business website onto the internet is considered to be a very easy task to complete.

However, due to this fact alone, you should be aware that there are many variables you should be considering long before putting your hand in your pocket and pulling out that credit card to pay for web hosting.

The biggest mistake people make when choosing a web hosting company is price. They see what they think is a cheap deal and jump in without knowing what it is they are buying.

You also need to be aware that any hosting company that can only bill you yearly or only provides you with one way to pay may not be firstly reputable or reliable in hosting a website business.

Things To Consider

One of the very first things you need to do is search the internet to see what others are saying about the web hosting company you are thinking about using. The reason for this is very straightforward, you need to know how reliable the company is and whether it has a good track record in hosting your site.

If you find lots of reports from users complaining about outages and long downtimes then this may not be the right solution for you.

For anyone that has already purchased hosting and is now finding that there are outages then it’s time to make a change and fast, I know it can be a big job but it can be an even bigger job when you lose traffic and credibility through hosting outages.

Another element that is crucial to hosting a small business site is the backup capabilities of the hosting server.

You have to remember that you are running the business and really don’t want to or even have the time to be doing backups of your business site when there are plenty of hosting companies that have this as a standard service agreement.

Should You Use A Different Domain Registrar?

For me this is something I will do, however, I have not seen any evidence to say this is the wrong thing to do or the right thing. Having separate web companies manage the different aspects of your online business is really up to the individual person, but again you need to be aware of what services are offered and how easy it is to manage the process.

  1. The Importance Of A Good Domain Name

Before buying any web hosting for a business you need to follow a few simple steps.

One of the most important things to consider when selecting a web hosting service is this, are you getting support 24/7, or is it only office hours? Is the support instant through live chat or do you have to send in email requests that can take days to be answered.

When you find a web host that does offer good support you then need to look at the hosting options. These will include what software the server is running to host the website and you need to know whether that software is up to date and will it continue to be updated. This is one reason we always suggest to our clients to avoid free web hosting companies.

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How many websites can you host as well as email accounts and usage? Usage means bandwidth, if you have limited bandwidth you may also find if you get lots of traffic the site will not be available due to exceeding its bandwidth limit.

These are just some of the basics you need to know when looking to host a website. There are many top web hosting companies offering these services and hopefully, this article has given you a better understanding of what to look for when choosing a web hosting company.

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Ron had me set up and running in no time at all. I explained to him what I needed and he knew what solution would be the best fit. The support you get is awesome and I can rest peacefully knowing he is there to help whenever I call.

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Taryn TeenyOwner - Sitting Pretty Hair

Ron’s advice was right on the money when it came to choosing the best hosting solution for my business. So much so that I have offered him a position with our company as an I.T Consultant.

greg cook
Greg CookCredit Adviser/Mortgage Broker with Loan Market

Ron has spent hours of his time going over and beyond to ensure that I have the knowledge I need to get my message out to the right people. Before meeting Ron I had no idea about websites, SEO, content writing… but today, I manage my own website with content, media and links. And if I ever need a hand, I know Ron will be there on the other line to talk me through anything. Ron is not only good at what he does but he’s a good guy as well.

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Logan MerrickStrategic Director at Buzinga

Ron knew exactly what we needed to get a website online. He is straight to the point and his experience shows from the expert knowledge he has about creating websites as well as hosting them. Ron offers the complete service package to any medium to small business.

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