Understanding the many aspects about back links and how you can use this information to create great offsite optimisation with out the fear of being penalized.

How To Build Backlinks Post Panda and Penguin

Having relevant backlinks coming into a website is very important, it’s a way to firstly get a site indexed and cataloged in the search engines. It is also considered a vote for a website in regards to the popularity and importance of the content you are providing.

You should also know that not all links are created equal meaning if you have using our site as an example a web design and marketing business and someone is linking to you from a lawn mowing website that link is not going to be be any where near as effective as another site related to web design or marketing.

What is Link Spamming

Link spamming was used as a way of exploiting a weakness in the search engines to gain top 10 rankings, which is why today you still see marketing companies offering this as a guarantee. However after the Google updates in 2012 and continuing into 2013 many of these companies started to disappear and so did the business they were working for.