Should Your .au Site Go Global

Should Your .au Site Go Global?

Your first instinct might be to pick up a .com or .org and simply provide duplicate content with country-specific grammar. While this is actually a good idea, it’s also death for SEO. Duplicate copy is considered spam in SEO best practices, and doing so will likely knock both sites down to the bottom of search results. It’s a tough call, but you might want to permanently switch to a dot-com domain and ensure any trace of the dot-au is out of the picture.

Choosing A Web Host Why Size Matters

There’s an almost infinite number of things you can do with your own site, whether it’s for personal use or for taking your business online. But in order to make the most of this opportunity you’ll need to do some careful advance planning. And when it comes to your advance preparations, in this as in so many other things, size really does matter.