WordPress SEO Plug-Ins Are Popular

WordPress SEO Plug-Ins Are Popular, But Are They Safe?

Keep in mind that the more plug-ins you install on a WordPress site, the more likely it is that some of them could be posing security risks and making your website more vulnerable to hackers. Thankfully, there are tutorials for developers to use when building SEO WordPress plugins, so information about how to steer clear of security vulnerabilities is there for anyone who takes time to seek it out.

Google+ Now Offers Custom URLs

Google+ Now Offers Custom URLs

Well today [30th October 2013] I received an email from Google informing me that I was eligible for a custom URL. At first I though this is a scam and was hesitate to click on the link embedded in the email. Actually having a very bad experience in the past with email links I just used my Google+ link from my website to go to my profile page and this is what I found.

Website Architecture Ways To Build An Effective Website

Website Architecture, Building An Effective Website

The main content page should attract most of the external links due to its high quality, however you also need to have internal and external links coming into the related pages/posts as well. Social media will work the same, if you have created a high quality article that really helps people in a time of need it will get shared across multiple social networks and so should the supporting content.