Should Your .au Site Go Global

Should Your .au Site Go Global?

Your first instinct might be to pick up a .com or .org and simply provide duplicate content with country-specific grammar. While this is actually a good idea, it’s also death for SEO. Duplicate copy is considered spam in SEO best practices, and doing so will likely knock both sites down to the bottom of search results. It’s a tough call, but you might want to permanently switch to a dot-com domain and ensure any trace of the dot-au is out of the picture.

email marketing newsletter great for maximising advertising exposure

Email Newsletters are a Great for Maximising Your Advertising Exposure

There is actually quite a lot involved with email marketing to ensure it’s success. You can not just go and send off random emails and expect it to do anything. Your emails must be professional (but try not to sound stiff, if that makes sense) and informative. But at the same time you do not want to give them what you are selling (assuming what you are selling is knowledge), so you need to give them enough to whet their appetite but not so much that they feel no need to buy it.

Does your Business Have a Need for Pheed?

Every successful business must be able to differentiate itself from competitors and some believe that Pheed could help accomplish that feat. Consider, for example, that by giving your staff members face time through a live video broadcast or by going on the website yourself you can convey a friendly attitude while casually telling potential customers about why they should choose your business versus another option.